Are you afraid of … BUTTER


Butter is, let’s face it, delicious. Not just because I have a post how to make it at home

If you need to butter someone…

but because there is so much fear out there of butter. Can you actually believe that butter is good for you. Why?

Why is butter good for you?

1. It is Filled with Immune-Boosting Vitamins

Butter is a source of vitamins A, D, K and E. It’s an especially rich source of Vitamin A in the form that is easiest for our bodies to use.

1TBSP of butter = 7 percent and 2 percent of your daily values of vitamins A and D.

2. It May Prevent Tooth Decay

Certain fat-soluble vitamins – including calcium and vitamins A, D and K and may help fight cavities and even reverse tooth decay, according to research

3. Helps absorption of vitamins and minerals from vegetables
When butter is used in cooking with vegetables, it helps our bodies process and use the water soluble vitamins and minerals found in the veg.

4. Can help protect against cancer

Conjugated Linoleic Acid has been tied to tumor reduction in colorectal cancer and may even help fight breast cancer,
CLA is only found in butter from grass-fed cows is attributed to having anti-cancer properties
as well as preventing weight gain.

5. Trace Minerals
Butter is also a source of minerals that are required only in tiny quantities by our bodies.
These include manganese, zinc, chromium & iodine.

So, can you eat homemade butter?

Yes, you can. When fat comes from natural sources, and we don’t combine it with too many refined carbohydrates, we have no reason to fear it.

Just remember one thing, eat in moderation!

So, are you still scared of our little yellow, fatty butter? Of course not.

You know that living in fear is not life so start your day, today, by making my homemade butter. (click on the link below)

Make Butter at Home

And since you are living to the fullest …let’s make some cookies.

…like Coffee Chocolate Walnuts Cookies

coffee cookies
coffee cookies

Coffee Chocolate Walnut Cookies  

OR  Irish and Soldiers Cookies

Irish and Soldiers Cookies
Soldiers and Irish Cookies

Irish and Soldiers Cookies

or if you want to visit France and you heard “French Women don’t Get Fat’ you can make my favorite “Cream Puffs”

5 star cookies cream puffs
5 star cookies cream puffs

Cream Puffs

And please do something good for this society…

“Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you”.

Love, hugs and homemade butter for you from your favorite blog “5 star cookies”.

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A Magic Brew – My Italian Lover as the Parsley Tea

I heard so many times:”Parsley is a miracle! It helps you drop the pounds. ”

Whaaat? Parsley suppose to help you drop the pounds? Is that true?

I want to believe in miracle and one of my favorite quote is  “Always believe that something wonderful will happen”.

So,  I went to the local organic store and as soon as my eyes caught him I whisper:

“Hello my Italian lover known to the world as the Italian parsley.I am going to test you and drink you because I want  to lose 5 lbs.”

So, I paid for my lover (only $2.99) and I brought him to my home. Soon I will be ready for my vicious testing….

5 Star Cookies - Parsley tea Maria Sharapova
parsley tea Maria Sharapova

On a serious note are there any benefits of parsley other than to lose a few pounds ?

Parsley contains high amounts of potassium and vitamin A, calcium, vitamin C and phosphorus.

It is an excellent ally in the fight against urinary problems, kidney disease, a strong diuretic and very rich source of cancer-fighting antioxidants.

So spending $2.99 was well wort it. Don’t you think?

My recipe is the following:

Boil 4 cups of water.(1L)

5 star cookies boiling water for pursley tea
5 star cookies boiling water for pursley tea

Add 5 TBSP parsley

5 star cookies 5 TBSP parsley tea
5 star cookies 5 TBSP pursley tea

Let steep for 20 min.

You can drink with chopped parsley or strain the tea.

5 star cookies parsley tea with spoon
5 star cookies parsley tea with spoon

You can drink it in any day except late at night (you don’t want to go at night to urinate)

Do not drink more than a 4 cups per day.

5 star cookies parsley tea inside
5 star cookies parsley tea inside

A Magic Brew - My Italian Lover as the Parsley Tea

A Magic Brew - My Italian Lover as the Parsley Tea

It’s very useful and effective in fighting all types of kidney diseases and urinary tract problems. It removes and eliminates all harmful bacteria, toxins and other harmful substances from the organism – through the urine.


  • 4 cups water (1L)
  • 5 TBSP Organic Italian Parsley


  1. Boil 4 cups of water.
  2. Add 5 TBSP chopped parsley.
  3. Leave it on for 20 min.
  4. After 20 min you can strain or you can drink with the chopped parsley.
  5. The tea can be served hot or cold.
  6. Do not drink more than 4 cups per day.

I will report back to you next Monday….if the Magic Brew is really the magic

Love and hugs from me and my Italian Parsley Lover!

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You want to lose weight – DRINK WATER

Yes, I know this blog is about baking, cookies, cakes, chocolate…. But this blog is also about health, taking care of yourself and
your body. I always look for different ways that I can improve my life, my health and my body.
And for today my Eureka is “WATER”.
So, if you never heard you can learn now, you can lose weight by drinking H2O or WATER.
Some other benefits are:
1. Energize us
2. Protect our joints
3. Keeps our kidneys working
4. Prevent headaches
5. Can improve mood
6. Great for your skin
…and so much more…
The amount of water you need to drink will depend on your current weight.
Obviously a woman of 125 pounds does not need to drink as much as a woman who is 200 pounds.
Here’s how much water your body requires to lose weight based on your weight.
132 lbs or 60 kg you need to drink 2L of water (8 cups)
143 lbs or 65 kg you need to drink 2.1L of water
154 lbs or 70 kg you need to drink 2.3L of water
165 lbs or 75 kg you need to drink 2.5L of water
176 lbs or 80 kg you need to drink 2.6L of water
187 lbs or 85 kg you need to drink 2.8L of water
198 lbs or 90 kg you need to drink 3L (12 cups)
209 lbs or 95 kg you need to drink 3.2l
220 lbs or 100 kg you need to drink 3.3l

….and so on…
As always I would love to know what you think about this.
I am sending you love from my blog 5 STAR COOKIES,
Your Cookie

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