You want to lose weight – DRINK WATER

Yes, I know this blog is about baking, cookies, cakes, chocolate…. But this blog is also about health, taking care of yourself and
your body. I always look for different ways that I can improve my life, my health and my body.
And for today my Eureka is “WATER”.
So, if you never heard you can learn now, you can lose weight by drinking H2O or WATER.
Some other benefits are:
1. Energize us
2. Protect our joints
3. Keeps our kidneys working
4. Prevent headaches
5. Can improve mood
6. Great for your skin
…and so much more…
The amount of water you need to drink will depend on your current weight.
Obviously a woman of 125 pounds does not need to drink as much as a woman who is 200 pounds.
Here’s how much water your body requires to lose weight based on your weight.
132 lbs or 60 kg you need to drink 2L of water (8 cups)
143 lbs or 65 kg you need to drink 2.1L of water
154 lbs or 70 kg you need to drink 2.3L of water
165 lbs or 75 kg you need to drink 2.5L of water
176 lbs or 80 kg you need to drink 2.6L of water
187 lbs or 85 kg you need to drink 2.8L of water
198 lbs or 90 kg you need to drink 3L (12 cups)
209 lbs or 95 kg you need to drink 3.2l
220 lbs or 100 kg you need to drink 3.3l

….and so on…
As always I would love to know what you think about this.
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