Coffee Crepe Cups – Capture the Magic


It is Saturday, March 5 of 2016. What kind of magic is happening in my kitchen?

And trust me, in this crazy world this is the only place where we can create magic. Right now I am making the following:

-Lemon Bars

– Carrot Cake

– Coffee Crepe Cups

A picture is worth a thousand words or One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words refers to all of us except for search engine called Dr Google.

So, for all of us and Dr Google please see picture of my new favorite recipe “Coffee Crepe Cups”.

The Coffee Crepe Cups is the magic you can create in your kitchen for your family, friends or people you love. (including yourself…).

The recipe is coming very soon and until then just enjoy the picture. My perfect, Canon camera capture the magic for you.

5 Star Cookies - Crepes
5 Star Cookies – Crepes

Love from your favorite blog 5 Star Cookies,

Your Cookie

Coffee Cup Crepes
Coffee Cup Crepes

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