5 Best Valentine’s Recipes to Love

If you are looking for 5 best Valentine’s recipes…you are welcome. So, please check the best recipes for February 14th … day of love and more love.

Hello my dear readers.

How are you? Are you ready for February 14? Day of love and happiness. And chocolate … and more chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate and recipes let’s start with top 5 Valentine’s recipe from 5 star cookies.

Number 5 – Mini Chocolate Ferrero Cake-The Best Ever

What can I say about this recipe. Nutella, chocolate, hazelnuts and more Nutella…Do I need to say more? Of course not. All you need is the link, so please visit the following link and make the most amazing Ferrero cake

Mini Chocolate hazelnut Cake
Mini Chocolate Ferrero Cake

BTW, this cake can be made for Happy Birthday party, office celebration or every day from Monday to Sunday.

Number 4 – Pink Love Oreo – Oreo Lovers Addition

This recipe is for beginners. It is so simple that I will need to spell it again:


Anyone can make this easy recipe.

Even YOU! So click this LINK

Pink Love Oreo from the best food blog 5starcookies-Make Oreo great again
Pink Love Oreo from the best food blog 5starcookies-Make Oreo great again

Now, if you don’t like Oreo and you like to bake simple cake this is your recipe. Yes, check number 3.

Number 3 – Hazelnut Chocolate Rum Cake – Masterful Mix of Texture

I love this cake. And you will too.Trust me you need this recipe because you should have an elegant chocolate cake in your arsenal…with rum. So, enjoy and share this most chocolate cake ever.

Hazelnut Rum Cake from the best food blog 5starcookies - Eating Time
Hazelnut Rum Cake 5 Best Valentine’s Recipe

Number 2 – Pink Brownies-Joy of pink and chocolate

Pink and chocolate! Do I need to say more? If you are looking for perfect combo of chocolate, pink and brownies this is your recipe. Super easy to make and so elegant. One of the most perfect recipe for February 14 (or any day if you ask me)

pink brownies from the best food blog 5strcookies
pink brownies from the best food blog 5strcookies

And now the one and only, number one recipe for you from 5 star cookies is ….

Ferrero Rocher Valentines Cake-Unstoppable Love

It is made of simple ingredients like eggs, sugar, very little flour and then TONS of Nutella, hazelnuts, cheese and chocolate. Can you feel the angels singing again…and again. Hello Ferrero Rocher Cake with pink addition for Valentine’s day.

Ferrero Valentines cake
ferrero rocher Valentines cake – best cake5 Best Valentine’s Recipe

Now, to all my readers from around the world:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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