The best chocolate walnut torte – NOT FAKE NEWS

Once in a while I start to dream about chocolate…FAKE NEWS!

Not once in a while… in my case it is every day, every moment. If you search any dictionary you will find me under the word “chocoholic”!

Yes, the Universe that is me! “The CHOCOHOLIC”!

So, for today, for this special confession of chocoholic I will be sharing with you the best Chocolate Walnuts Torte.

It is a dream torte build of layer upon layer of rich walnut cake filled with light and fluffy whipped cream, chocolate cream and walnut cream.

This “the best chocolate walnut torte” is a chocolate lover’s dream!

So, let’s dream together.

The best chocolate walnut torte of 5starcookie
The best chocolate walnut torte of 5starcookies

You will need the following ingredients:


2 x 5 egg whites

2 x 10 TBSP icing sugar

2 x 5 TBSP chopped walnuts

2 x 2 TBSP AP flour

Make this twice. For some of you who don’t like math let me list amount of ingredients for whole recipe:

10 eggs

20 TBSP icing sugar, 10 TBSP chopped walnuts, 4 TBSP Flour


Heat oven to 370 F.

Place cooking parchment paper or waxed paper in bottoms of two 8-inch round cake pans.

Mix 5 egg whites and 10 TBSP icing sugar together for about 5 min. or until the mixture is firm.

In a separate bowl mix 5 TBSP walnuts and 2 TBSP flour.

Add mixture of walnut and flour to mixed egg whites.¬†Mix by hand. (Don’t use mixer at this point)

Fold it in gently but rapidly with a large rubber spatula until the flour and walnut mixture has disappeared.

Bake from 15 to 20 min at 370 F.

Use toothpick to poke the top of the cake slightly in the middle. If it is dry, then the cake is done

Immediately remove from pans to cooling rack; peel off paper.

Cool completely.

The Best Walnut Chocolate Torte First
The Best Walnut Chocolate Torte First

We will continue with part 2 tomorrow. After all it is all about filling … chocolate filling, walnuts filling and whip cream!

Love and hugs

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