Hey YOU – Ice Cream Cones Popcorn Ball

Hey you. Yes, you.

The one staring out of your kitchen window, wondering what to make today and wishing that you were doing something more exciting with your life.

Like driving an expensive yellow sports car, traveling to Italy or just swimming with the dolphins…

Yes, you do have thirst for a little adventure, do you not? The world is at your feet, but which direction should you step?

Well, for today we are taking direction of making combo of my two favorite things, popcorn and ice cream cones.

Yes, we are making “Ice Cream Cones Popcorn Ball”! Hey you. Yes, you. Smile and let’s have some fun!

5starcookies popcorn star cones
5starcookies alone popcorn star cones

We need the following ingredients:

4 cups popcorn

20 gr butter

3/4 cup marshmallows

6 ice cream cones

Optional: chocolate,sprinkles,M&M

Prepare your ice cream cones!

5starcookies empty cones
5starcookies empty cones

In a medium sauce pan melt butter over low heat.

Add marshmallows and stir until melted.

Pour over popcorn and stir until coated completely and evenly. (very important)

Spray your hands with cooking spray and form mixture into a ball. Press coated ball into ice cream cone. Repeat with remaining mixture.

5starcokies popcorn 6 cones
5starcokies popcorn 6 cones

And look what you made, you little adventurous person!

Yes, you can still dream about wide skies, forest in Costa Rica or you can try to talk to your ice cream cones popcorn balls!

No, I am not kidding…Popcorn Balls can talk!

Have you ever heard about quantum physics or how do you know you’re meant for big things?

Well, this popcorn balls know and you will find soon about it!

5starcookies popcor
5starcookies popcorn in angle

Hey you! Yes, YOU!

Dream big!

Love and hugs

from your favorite blog

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  1. Thank you again my dear friend for my beautiful, spectacular, outrageously delectable birthday cake/pie 😀 It was AMAZING! And it is almost gone already! To anyone reading this, take my advice: run don’t walk (you’ll need the excersize) to your supermarket and make this and you will have a great great day!


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