My Written Selfie Continued…finally!

5 star cookies pumpkin
5 star cookies pumpkin

Sorry guys when I said I’d leave you in suspense I didn’t mean for it take this long! Life has thrown a lot my way since I rang in 2016!

But I will continue where I left off…or not. To be completely honest with you I’m not too terribly motivated to write this.

I much prefer to write fiction, or write about fiction. I like tall tales, making up stories and telling everyone who is willing to listen about all the amazing books

out there and the fact that a lot of these amazing books I read come from home grown talent!

This just thrills me to my core! Prairie authors abound and I don’t want to tell you anymore about myself, other than

I wish to be one someday but am also extraordinarily happy and fulfilled with my career in childcare.

Starting where I am and pursuing my passions from this place is just as thrilling and I want to tell you about these amazing authors.

I don’t want to go back any longer. I just want to move forward! Let’s move forward together!

With that some hilarious things a child in my daycare centre told me today:
It was someone’s birthday, which in world of most children is a BIG DEAL! Then this adorable little guy piped up and said, “My mommy made me have a birthday!” I said “Oh yeah, she made you?” He looked up at me with the funniest angry face ever and said grudgingly “Yes she did!” Okay…he’s an old soul I guess :p
I’ve found that children really like to hear themselves talk and will say anything that comes to mind. One little boy announced to his friends as he was building a Lego house, “I have a penis! And play dough!” Two very important things to a three-year-old boy!
One of the girls is convinced that there is a store in her tummy and when she eats, the food goes shopping for baby stuff…if only I had half that child’simagination…maybe she’ll be the next J.K. Rowling and I can say I was her daycare teacher
I love looking after children. Their imaginations never fail to surprise and amaze me and their (most of the time) sweet gestures that they have no idea mean so much. Like wiping a child’s jacket off when they fell down, older children getting a Kleenex and wiping a younger child’s tears or giving them a hug, or just smiling for no apparent reason. I often try to remember my mind set at that age but it remains one of life’s greatest mysteries. Jesus has told us to be child like in faith, trusting, which goes against everything we are taught as we grow older. But what a lovely way to live don’t you think?

5 star cookies written selfie
5 star cookies written selfie

Love – Hugs –  Love

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