Move Over Christopher Columbus – Lesson 1

 Move Over Christopher Columbus – Lesson 1 (Jan 25, 2016.)

Move over Christopher, you have nothing on me.

You are also dead since 1506. However, if somewhere you are sitting and reading this blog  and you want to

share things with us, please don’t be shy. After all you did discover America..I also believe if you google yourself

you can find title like “Did Columbus Really Discover America?”.

I guess that might piss you off and if you need place to defend yourself my blog is the perfect place for you.

My blog is 5 star cookies or

So, what did I discover today?

  1. Jellyfish Float Spa – flotation therapy is used to help with chronic pain and stress.

If you never heard about it check this you tube video

or if you are in Winnipeg please check the link below:

Visit Jellyfish Float Spa

So, Christopher what do you think about it?

Text me …call me…or just comment below…

Sending you special love from my 5 STAR COOKIES BLOG and let’s not be strangers.

After all we are living in a new age spirituality where everything is possible….we just have to discover how…

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