Healthy Summer Drinks for YOU

If you are looking for healthy summer drinks for you…5 star cookies is here for you.

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How have you been? Do you enjoy 45+…Yes, I know. You need a drink. And so do I.

And because of that, our post today is the top 5 summer drinks from 5 star cookies.

So, let’s start.

1.Healthy Baking Soda Lemonade – Feel Great

check the LINK for this amazing healthy, summer drink

Benefits of Lemon

  • High in vitamin C
  • Weight loss helper
  • Prevent kidney stones
  • Lowering stroke risk
  • Preventing asthma
healthy baking soda lemonade
healthy baking soda lemonade – healthy recipe from 5 star cookies

2.Chlorophyll Drink Benefits-The Best Liquid Chlorophyll

The link for this recipe is here.

TOP 5 Chlorophyll Drink Benefits

  • Controlling body odor
  • Improve Gut health
  • Helps you lose WEIGHT
  • Heal damaged skin
  • Cancer prevention

3.Celery Juice -Miracle Juice to Lose 21 lbs in 2 weeks

The LINK for this recipe is HERE


1.Heals the gut

2.Thyroid cleansing

3.Liver detoxification

4.Nervous system support

5.Prevents cancer

Celery juice miracle for your body from the best food blog 5starcookies -enjoy your miracle juice
Celery juice miracle for your body from the best food blog 5starcookies -enjoy your miracle juice

4.Farmers Market and Strawberry Sunshine Drink

LINK for the recipe is here

Strawberry Drink from 5starcookies
Strawberry Drink from 5starcookies

5.Slimming Smoothie-Fat Blocker

-The link for the recipe is HERE

Top 5 benefits of drinking kefir:

  • Boost Immunity
  • Build Bone Density
  • Fight Allergies
  • Kill Candida
  • Support Detoxification
kefir drink top
kefir drink

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