Impeach Disposable Cups-Hello San Francisco

A new culture is being established in San Francisco – banish the disposable coffee / tea cups or to use Maxine Waters language: Impeach Disposable Cups!

5 star cookies
5 star cookies


So, hello my baking nation,

Are you ready for new revolution?

Let’s get rid of coffee/tea cups and let’s start our new life.


Or are you cursing right now? Because you are… well let’s not go there.

My idea is to work with our mother nature.

Forget dividers, forget the anger. Let’s focus to the one and only.

Mother Earth!

So, the question I hear from all of my friends is:

How am I going to rent a coffee cup? How?

Well, I have an answer for you.

About ten years ago I stopped using disposable cups. Why?

Because the cappuccino did not taste same to me. Yes, they called me the snob but I did not care.

So, I started to carry my own golden cup with me, in my purse.

Was I crazy? No. Just the snob. And today I can be your green hero.

Life is funny, don’t you think.

So, let me show you my cup.


use your own cup
use your own cup

What kind of bags you can use and where to buy it? (check the link below)

Biodegradable Sandwich Bags (XL 100 Count Quart Bags)

Natural Home Veggie Bags

and much more. The Winners has a huge selection of natural bags or you can make your own.

And this is where I want to end, don’t you think it is super easy to carry your own golden cup?

I give trees
I give trees

After enjoying this post, if you feel inspired to help the mother nature, please invite your friends to join in being part of a simple solution to earth’s challenges on I Give Trees. (each tree is about $1.50)

Check the links below:



Love and hugs

from your favorite food blog 5 STAR COOKIES

and your


See you soon…

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