My Top 5 Recipes

1.Oreo in Paris-Click for link Oreo in Paris

5 star cookies - Oreo in Paris
5 star cookies – Oreo in Paris

2.Coffee Chocolate Walnut Cookies – Coffee Chocolate Walnut Cookies

5 star cookies coffe cookies


3.Sandwich Threesome-Oreo-Reese’s-Oreo – Sandwich Threesome Link

5 star cookies-Oreo Sandwich
5 star cookies-Oreo Sandwich

4.Mini Pavlova-Mini Pavlova Link

Pavlova Side View
Pavlova Side View

5.Dream Bars-Click for link

5 Star Cookies - Dream Bars
5 star cookies dream bars

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1 thought on “My Top 5 Recipes”

  1. Hi,
    I made all of your top 5 recipes. They are all amazing. I can’t tell you how much my husband loved Dream Bars or Oreo in Paris. He loves walnuts and Oreos. Mind you, my favorite is the Mini Pavlova. I can’t believe that I made it and it was success. Another think I like about Pavlova is the music. And all your other recipes (or most of them) come with the song or music and I love it.
    Thank you and I will follow you…(don’t worry, I am not stalker)…I just love your blog…keep going…


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