The man who is not afraid for his eggs-catch me if you can and he sure can NOVAK DJOKOVIC

Novak Djokovic-Catch me if you can
Novak Djokovic-Catch me if you can

This man is not afraid, this man can redo the movie “Catch me if you can”.

His name is well-known. Ladies and gentlemen – NOVAK DJOKOVIC

Please check the video below and if you have balls try it yourself…

Catch me if you can – says a little yellow ball

Quick Summary:

Novak Djokovic dazzles Miami Open crowd with spectacular catch and he said: “I was lucky, I must say. Right place at the right time!”

So my dear friends be at the right place at the right time…

And like always, I am sending you billions of kisses and millions of hugs or vice versa!

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